Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i HATE routine

like usual i wake up at 5.oo am and take a bath..,finished my breakfast in hurry bcause i'm late! -> go to campus (my class begin at 7.oo am)

arrive at 7.10 and the class was empty...
there's no one.,laptop.,focus.,and's EMPTY!!

i found my friend aldo.,and asking him where's other student? and he said "i don't know either., i guess we don't have a class today.."

i go to d 2nd floor (announcement board @ TU) to see if there's any notification bout it..
and suddenly i realize..
it's still a mid test week...
(i've done my mid test last tuesday)
how could i frget bout it!?!!
no wonder if there's no class today....

stuppid hah... (_ _);

i finally back home...and still mad 'bout it...

30km i've been trough in vain...
(home-maranatha is 'bout 15km.,so if u "go-back" its bcome 30km!)

don't wanna talk 'bout it anymore!

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