Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it's new ^^

some new stuff i bought recently...

last February.,i made a pair of shoes at Galdy (BTC)
and it it may took a several weeks...
after a month they call to tell my shoes is ready!

iyyeei.. \(^0^)/
i made a CUTE flat marry jane shoes in gold color...
and i go there to pick up my shoes.

ouw mai got!

they make a wrong shoes!!
right color but WRONG model!!!

i complain bout it.,and they said 'sorry' and promise me to fix it in 2 weeks.,and i said oK!

after 2 week.,i back to that store to take my shoes...
and guess what...
my shoes is not ready yet...

i asking for the reason?
and they said "they running out the material"
hell what??!!!
they event not give me a call to tell 'bout this problem!!!

i asking them again when they will get the material?!
and the answer was so unbelievable... "the material u need may not available...,anymore"

still try to be i choose another material..the silver one..
and they said my shoes will ready in 2 weeks....

after 2 weeks still no phone call from them.,so i decided to make a call first!
and they said my shoes still not ready yet...

week by week...month by month...seriously i'm not kidding!!

until i reach out my limit bcause it already June and i need a pair of new shoes to my daily activities!!
i call them and askin 'bout my shoes..
and they said my shoes is done!
so i go to the F*ckin' store again...
and f*ck *ff!!!
they make a WRONG shoes again!!!
right model.,right color but WRONG size!!!!
my size is 40 and they make it 41!!!
what the hell they thinkin' ??!!!!

i'm going so mad.,and i said no matter what u hav to finish my shoes by 2 week!!!
or just give my money back and i leave...

after more that 2 week i'm back there and find out my shoes is so "NOT"
eventhought they try to fix it with adding more sponge to the shoes base to make it fit to my feet.,but it useless!

finally i've got so tire 'bout this shoes matter...
so i want to cencel it...
but they said they can return my money because my shoes has "done"!
once again.. F*uck *FF!!!

so i turn around and choose any better shoes i can find which is fit to my feet...
and here they r

the best shoes i can find there

not to bad lah...

a day after that i go to BSM with my mom and my sist...
and found a verry cute shoes in Metro Depr.

gold shoes (i really likes gold color 4 now)
and bcause i'm not satisfied with d first shoes i i decided to buy this shoes!

it's cute.,isn't it?!!

pretty expensive for a daily shoes (_ _); worth.. ^^

June 27th Midnight Shopping @ BIP
and i brought this yellow long cardigan...

and i also get a birthday present from my sist., eventhought my bday is past 'bout 2 month ago ;p

my bday present from my sist...

here there r d present
thanx sist!! ^^

and yesterday i go to IP with dea..,
and we bought a skinny pants in vivid color!! ^^
dea bought an orange one and i bought a yellow one...

yellow skinny pants ^^
it's HOT!!

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