Monday, May 18, 2009

still work on it!!

i'm not so lucky ystrday...
can't attend metkuan class bcase i came late..not so late actually..
the class bgin at 9.30 and i came by 9.40 only 10 minus late and she not let me in!!! (T.T)
so frustrated.......

i really want to go home.,but i still hav to spread my Qsner at Ko Henky's class this afternoo (-_-)'

150 Quesioner need to spread

my fav. snack 4 my respondent
(hope they enjoy ^ ^ v. )

while i hav to finish my "duty"...
we (dea&me) decide to watch a movie.,with my library... ;p
don't get me wrong..i really want to do my skripsi., the time everyting feel so bored and wacth a movie seem a good idea xp

so...we make our own theater ^^
and we watch "Sex and The City" which really surprise me ( a little) bcase it really hav a sex scene on it (>.<)

Sex and The City's DVD

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  1. bwahahaha..........ternyata ntn film toh
    ada dea pula, pantes betah lama2 di kampus ampe sore :D



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