Monday, May 11, 2009

my Bday Dinner ^^

last Sunday., my fam and I go out to celebrate my Bday!! ^^
we had a dinner at Noodle Cafe

place : Noodle Cafe at Istana Plaza 2nd floor

nee-chanx & mumm

me ^^ v

dadd & my bro (edo)

and here they r our menu ^^
so bad..i frget d'name of each menu (T.T);

pangsit or smthing like that ;p

and this is... (hav no idea.. ;p)

mango salad...and no doubt but it! ^^

it's kind a ramen.., i guess

Thai soup a.k.a Tom Yam

at first i thought its some kind of mie (chines food) but it isn't...
its spaghetti =|
what kind of spaghetti?! don't ask me!

ice coffee w/ ice cream
yummy ^^

green tea

view from 2nd floor

my sist and i also buy an ice cream (yogurt ice cream) at smitten ^^

green tea flav. w/ almond topping

taro flav. w/ raisin
so delicious!! ^^

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  1. 'mel, itu mango salad teh mangga muda yg asem pisan tea ya ?



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